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After Leaving is a romantic drama about a lost love. Reza Nejati (director), Mahmood Babaei (producer), Mohammad Baradaran (visual effects designer), Arman Fayyaz (cinematography director), Farbad Jalali (color and light correction) and Emad Khodabakhsh (editing) are among the most important crew in this film, which played an undeniable role in the public interest of the audience. Saber Abar, Sara Bahrami, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Bahram Shahmohammadlu, Yasna Mirtahamasb are starring in the movie.

The biggest technical challenges of this project included circus shots, the disappearance of clowns, crowd replication, as well as heavy compositions, which were carried out in the form of a coherent team work days and nights, in the shortest possible time and with the highest final quality by our artists at Rimiya Fx Studio.