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Where imagination meets execution

Your ultimate destination for all
things visual effects in movies!

At Rimiya Fx, we are passionate about the artistry and magic that goes into creating breathtaking visual effects on the silver screen

We believe that visual effects play a pivotal role in shaping the cinematic experience, transporting audiences to fantastical worlds, and bringing larger-than-life characters to existence.
Our mission is to provide a platform where movie enthusiasts, aspiring filmmakers, and VFX aficionados can come together to explore, learn, and appreciate the awe-inspiring world of visual effects. Whether you're a curious viewer eager to uncover the secrets behind your favorite movie scenes or a budding artist looking to enhance your skills in the realm of VFX, we've got you covered.

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Always pushing boundaries

A Visual Effects Session at Soore University

Students and art faculty at Soore University were treated to insights from a leading Visual Effects professional, Mr. Mohammad Baradaran.

A Visit to Rimiya Fx Studio

The esteemed head of the National Cinema Organization, Mr. Mohammad Khazaee, paid a highly anticipated visit to Rimiya FX Studio.

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